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"Zlan, Ltd. is a research and development firm dedicated to reducing the risk of electrical fires by enhancing conventional circuit breakers with new electronic technology."

Brief Overview

Appliances when first turned on can have surge currents many times greater than the rating of a circuit breaker. For this reason, the breaker's response to these surges must be made slower to avoid nuisance tripping. This delay time may be as great as 3 seconds for an 80 Amp surge when using a 20 Amp breaker. This delay allows many hazardous conditions, such as arcing short circuits, to escape detection and become fire initiators.

After years of research and development, Zlan, Ltd. has produced a microprocessor controlled enhancement for the conventional circuit breaker. It is called the DE Breaker (Digitally Enhanced) and it incorporates algorithms that can distinguish between normal surges and hazardous electrical conditions. Therefore, the response may be improved up to 100 times without increasing nuisance tripping.

Soon this major advancement in electrical safety will be available to the public from your regular circuit breaker manufacturer.

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