Hardware Maintenance and Support

Zlan utilizes advanced component level troubleshooting techniques and specialized equipment to repair PCBs. We have processed over 100,000 RMA boards for out clients.

From small modules with 75 parts up to large boards with over 10,000 components, our team has repaired a wide variety of electronics. Whether your volume is low or high, we can address your repair needs.

Component Level Checkout
  • Pin cards
  • Clock boards
  • Digitizers
  • AWGs
  • Programmable supplies
  • Embedded modules
  • Generic PCBs
  • Increase viability and longevity
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Checkout
  • Document
  • System Support
    • Engineering technician services
    • Custom test interfaces
    • Develop diagnostics
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Calibration

    Our engineers and programmers can create custom hardware/software interfaces to test your designs, utilizing the latest industry standards. With a complete diagnostic, we can not only detect the failures, but we can also provide circuit-by-circuit guides to allow technicians to quickly diagnose the failures and minimize down-time.

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